What’s Happening

• The total eclipse is happening on August 21st! In the St. Louis area, totality will occur around 1:15 CST.

• The last total eclipse to occur in the continental United States was in 1979, but the path of totality hasn’t crossed Saint Louis since… wait for it… 1442. Yeah, that’s 50 years before Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Like, he wasn’t even born yet.

• Everyone in the continental USA will be able to see at least a partial eclipse, but totality only occurs on a 70-mile wide path stretching from Oregon through Missouri and on to South Carolina.

• This is a TOTAL ECLIPSE, meaning the moon will completely block the sun for approximately 1-3 minutes, but you have to be in the path of the shadow to see it!

• Interesting phenomena include: songbird silence, plummeting temperatures, eerie shadows, Baily’s Beads, and otherworldly stillness.

• Eclipse hunters are serious about total eclipses! Many optimal viewing locations have been booked for 2 years, and hunters often spend thousands of dollars on travel, telescopes, viewing devices, eclipse apparel, and memorabilia. For a peek into the lives of eclipse hunters, check out this episode of the Every Little Things podcast.

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Where to Watch

• If you are in St. Louis city, you might just barely catch a glimpse of the total eclipse. The northern edge of the shadow is going to cross directly through the St. Louis Zoo, from Northwest to Southeast. Downtown will not be in the Path of Totality — heading just a few miles south will give you a much better view!

• Totality will occur a little after 1:00 p.m. in St. Louis, but the moon’s shadow will start to creep over the sun a couple hours earlier.

• Don’t forget to be safe! Staring directly at the sun during an eclipse can seriously damage your eyeballs. Tiny Little Monster is including a pair of NASA-approved safety glasses with every order of our special edition Eclipse Tee, and these will let you look directly at the sun without injuring yourself. (During the 1-3 minutes of totality, it is safe to remove the glasses, but not before! Oy, you! Put those back on.)


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Come Party with Tiny!

• It’s a total eclipse: you didn’t think we were going to miss it, did you? Tiny Little Monster is going to be live printing at Such and Such Farm in De Soto, MO. De Soto is being touted as one of THE BEST viewing areas in the country, with nearly three minutes of eclipse coverage. Such and Such Farm is graciously hosting an all-day eclipse extravaganza, so if you don’t have plans yet, come hang out with us! There is going to be goat yoga. Just saying. Did you hear that? Goat yoga? Ok.

• We’ll be live printing some eclipse tees, and we will also have some of our super special Glow-In-The-Dark t-shirts and eclipse viewing glasses for sale.

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Whether you come to Such and Such Farm to party the Tiny Little Monster way, or you and your fellow eclipse hunters scout out another viewing location, we would love to see you decked out in your Total Eclipse of the Heartland t-shirt. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram; and have fun, Missouri. It’s going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!