Planning events can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. There are numerous factors to consider and many questions may arise. Will my event be successful? How do I achieve the largest turnout for my event? One simple solution is creating your own custom t-shirts. Everyone loves merchandise whether it be from a brand or an event they went to. Creating a custom shirt for your guests to wear not only encourages individuals to arrive but increases participation in the event. Here are the six main reasons why you should opt to create custom shirts for your upcoming event.

Easy Advertisement

Most people don’t realize that advertisements are a prominent aspect of our daily lives. They’re everywhere, from the sides of buses to a streamer on a jet. Custom shirts are another form of such advertisement. Any event planner or business owner knows just how important promotion is. It doesn’t matter if you have been in the field for a while or you are recently beginning. Giving away custom shirts not only attracts guests to your event, but it even allows your guests to promote your event outside of the usual attendance. Some compare wearing custom t-shirts to wearing a business card.

Part of a Team

Throwing a large number of individuals in a group and expecting them to cooperate or network doesn’t always end well. Psychology has proven that uniformity among a set of people leads to the feeling of being part of a team. The custom shirts strengthen this bond between strangers because the shirts are unique. In a sense, the rarity of these shirts can be a way to bond.

Fun Giveaways

Let’s face it: humans love free things. Selling your merchandise often will not work unless you have given a few away for free before selling them. Giveaways such as raffles, lotteries, or even simply by cannon can bring a touch of excitement to your event. Chances are that guests will become bored if there is not much to be engaged in. Furthermore, custom t-shirts are certainly cheaper in comparison to custom cars or electronics.

Cost-Efficient and Trendy

When looking for a cheap giveaway or promotional item, several items may come to mind such as phone cases, cardholders, headphones, or even more expensive items such as electronics. The trick to having a fun giveaway is by giving away items that can be used in your guests’ daily lives. Shirts can be inexpensive if customized from the right service and if bundled. For instance, purchasing a hundred custom shirts often is cheaper than purchasing twenty because services give discounts for larger purchases.

All Proceeds Come to You

Selling your merchandise at events will guarantee sales and in this case, the proceeds may all come back to you or any determined cause. Profit is sure to be made because when buying these shirts at a discounted price, you are often able to sell them at a higher price. However, your sales are largely dependent on how much people know about your merchandise. For instance, free giveaways will make guests want your merchandise and non-winners will opt to purchase the shirts. Be sure to be smart about selling your merchandise!

Get Creative

Customizing your t-shirts means that you have the chance to put your imagination at work. Like any other art project, the shirt is your canvas to be filled in. For this reason, you may want to customize the t-shirt yourself. This can be done by embroidery, tie-dye, iron-on, paint, and numerous other methods. Getting creative is always a great way to let loose and relax, especially when preparing for a large event.

If you choose to have your shirts customized by a professional company, you will still need to have a basic idea of what designs you would like to have on the shirts. Either way, there will still be a need for creative expression and personalizing your work.

Final Thoughts

Everyone loves merchandise and custom t-shirts are one of the best ways to engage the guests at your event as well as receiving easy promotion. These shirts can become memorabilia or even collectible items if you choose to have these events at once or continually. Regardless of the case, custom t-shirts are an excellent plan to consider for your next event.

Abby Drexler is a contributing writer and media specialist for Coastal Business Supplies. She regularly produces content for a variety of business and design blogs.