A Bit About Tiny

Tiny Little Monster was started in 2011 in Jen Rearick’s basement as a fun way to make a living. Inspired by Jen’s previous work making comics and woodblock prints about monsters, Tiny Little Monster (just Tiny to friends) took its name and logo from that early portfolio.

Today, Tiny is a ferociously independent print shop and the preferred vendor of local businesses, national clients, and nonprofits for customer apparel, design services, online fundraising stores, and custom promotional items.

At Tiny we value quality and creativity. We are a solutions based business and encourage continuous improvement and input from our staff. Teamwork and collaboration are the foundation of our business. We exist to provide a fun, team-oriented, creative place to work. We value our employee’s well being, and encourage personal growth and development. That caring extends to our customers and community collaborations.

We strive to be the best at what we do and are open to growing and improving.

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