4 Planet-Saving Changes at Tiny Little Monster

Earth Day is a great day to evaluate how we’re using the planet’s natural resources. Sometimes we get so swept away in the convenience of consumerism that we don’t even realize how cavalier we’re being with old Mother Earth. There’s always room for improvement, and in the past few years we’ve made some significant changes… Read more »

We Moved! Here’s Why:

Have you heard the news? Tiny Little Monster has moved (everything) to a brand new space in Shrewsbury! The new building is located at 7220 Murdoch Avenue, and it’s home to our storefront, our customer service team, the design peeps, and all of our printing and production equipment. This is the first time since 2014… Read more »

The magical mystical world of dye sublimation.

Sublimation sounds like something killer robots from the future would threaten you with, but it can’t be that bad RIGHT? What is it really ??? Well for starters, its not lethal. Sublimation printing is a method of printing that results in full- wrap around prints that are more pattern like most other printing methods. Sticker,… Read more »

Tiny Little Tips: Preserve Your Prints!!

  You know how to use a washing machine, but do you r e a l l y know whats best for preserving the prints on your customized clothing?  High heat? Low heat? No heat? Fear not! Here are 4 helpful tips for the clueless (or just curious) clothing connoisseur. 1. Forget what your mom said about… Read more »

Information You’re Dyeing to Know

The color of apparel is a HUGE topic- one we think about constantly as we coach our customers through their design ideas. For that reason, we figured we would take a brief minute to talk about the fabric DYEING process. The most common method for t-shirts is piece dyeing. First, the fabric is knitted in… Read more »

Halloween Made Easy With Custom T-Shirts

It’s baaaaack — the season of spooky scares, creepy crawlies, and pumpkin-peppered parties! This Halloween, consider using a custom t-shirt as the base to an easy, DIY costume. Tiny Little Monster has a top-notch DTG (direct-to-garment) printer that allows us to print single t-shirts with just about any design imaginable! Never considered using a t-shirt… Read more »

We Just Want to Say “Cranks”

Ok, yes: it took awhile to make its way to Saint Louis, but fall weather (seems like) it’s finally here! We all really thought that the Halloween festivities would give the sun a clue. “It’s time to sleep, buddy. You did real good this summer.” But no, it turns out the sun was determined to… Read more »

Shirts for All Sizes – Go To Styles for Families and Groups

  We work with tons of families and groups to create awesome custom t-shirts for events like family reunions, disney trips, and get togethers. It can be challenging to find a color and style that can be ordered from tiny sizes up to adult. We’re here to help. Below you’ll find 3 styles and brands with sizing… Read more »

Top 10 Reasons to Print Custom Disney Vacation T-Shirts with Tiny!

It’s kind of like a rite of passage: the family trip to Disney World. It’s as American as baseball or apple pie. It’s as magical as Siegfried and Roy before the tiger mauling incident. Headed to Disney World with the family in tow is a life-changing, imagination-improving, memory-making faith-in-humanity-restoring experience, and we’re ready to deck… Read more »

What’s Right for Me? Screen Printing or DTG?

  Screen Printing or DTG: A Tiny Little Cheat Sheet We’re always looking for ways to improve our customer experience here at Tiny Little Monster, which is why we added the direct-to-garment option in the first place, but the last few weeks have shown us that there is some general confusion regarding T-shirt orders at… Read more »