Sublimation sounds like something killer robots from the future would threaten you with, but it can’t be that bad RIGHT? What is it really ???

Well for starters, its not lethal. Sublimation printing is a method of printing that results in full- wrap around prints that are more pattern like most other printing methods. Sticker, shirts, flip flops, mugs, banners, and more.

The look of a sublimated object can be anything, but it is most commonly seen as wrap-around prints for things like koozies, tablecloths, and soccer jerseys. Sublimation printing is a method of printing that consists of applying an image to specially coated ceramics, metals and polyester cloth, using three main ingredients: sublimation ink, heat and pressure.

This process is surprisingly scientific. Sublimation inks are different than screen printing, or even direct-to-garment inks in that they are made specifically for polyester and polymer-coated substances– called substrates. Sublimation dye is dissolved in a liquid and used in special inkjet printers designed to work with this heat- sensitive dye. The dye then penetrates the fibers, integrating itself into the surface of the substrate. The substrate is then treated with heat- in the case of shirts, with a heat press. This step cures the ink so that it sits inside the fibers of the substrate.

This results in a different feel than typical screen print. The graphic will look smooth because it is now part of the item itself instead of cured to sit on top of the material it was printed on. At Tiny, we don’t personally handle your sublimation needs but we work with the very best businesses in the biz to bring you the best quality for the best price.

We will work with you to develop your design so that it can look the best possible for your chosen medium- be it a 6-foot banner or a 6-inch mousepad.  Drop us a line to talk about sublimation options for your project today!

These coozies show sublimation from seam to seam.

Our Live-printing banner was printed by sublimation