It’s baaaaack — the season of spooky scares, creepy crawlies, and pumpkin-peppered parties! This Halloween, consider using a custom t-shirt as the base to an easy, DIY costume. Tiny Little Monster has a top-notch DTG (direct-to-garment) printer that allows us to print single t-shirts with just about any design imaginable! Never considered using a t-shirt as a Halloween costume? Here are some great benefits that will take the headache and hassle out of decking out your trick-or-treating group this season:

Save Money on Costumes

Have you been to Johnnie Brock’s Dungeon Party Warehouse yet? If you have, you probably noticed that Halloween costumes can be expensive! Did you know that the average adult will spend over $50 on a Halloween costume this year? You can DIY a Halloween costume for a fraction of that cost, and a custom-printed t-shirt is a great starting point. Pop culture references, favorite characters from movies, books, or television shows, political figures, or even abstract ideas can be easily replicated with a printed t-shirt. Tiny Little Monster has tackled costume ideas ranging from cartoon characters to creepy creatures. Check out our Facebook page this month for tons of costume t-shirt ideas. We’d love to hear about your idea, too, and help you print an awesome Halloween t-shirt this year!

Great for Groups!

Let’s face it, organizing group halloween costumes can be more nerve-racking than waltzing with a mummy. Nobody wants to spend a fortune on a silly group costume idea, and outfitting people who have different tastes and preferences can be a real challenge. T-shirts make the whole process infinitely easier! Not only is it easy to find a t-shirt that will satisfy every member of your group, but you can add a commemorative print to the back of your group’s shirts with the date and event you attended. Celebrating the Great Halloween Bar Crawl of 2017? Dress your group in themed t-shirts, and you’ll all look amazing and get a memory to keep at the end of the night!





Wear it Again and Again

One of the best things about using a regular ol’ t-shirt as your Halloween costume is you get to wear it for years to come! Printed t-shirts last a long time, and you can bust out your old Napoleon Dynamite tee for working out, lounging around the house, or the perfect Throwback Thursday outfit. Tiny Little Monster can recommend t-shirts that get softer with each wash, so this year’s Halloween costume may just end up being the most comfortable thing in your closet. Just make sure to tell the monsters in there to keep their paws off!

Keep an eye on the Tiny Little Monster Facebook page all this month for some fun ideas for Halloween t-shirt ideas, and if you get a great idea for a t-shirt, give us a call or shoot us an e-mail. We’d love to help deck out you and your group for this spooktacular holiday!