Here For Good – Fundraiser For Small Business + T-Shirt Printers #HereForGoodSTL #MutualAid

Good news t-shirt makers – turns out, a lot of small businesses are extremely loyal to their local screen print shop. As I reached out to tell them about this program — they just had one of the worst week of their lives, they’ve let go of employees, and they haven’t been sleeping, they are not thinking about buying shirts or marketing and don’t know why I’m reaching out now when I never did before. I say, hey I want to send you some money this week and they are like, sure, do it.

Then I say, well here’s the thing, you gotta do about 2-10 minutes of work depending on how much you want to be involved. Your brand and you personally need to share your t-shirt link to the people who supported you last week and want to support you again in the future. This makes them uncomfortable. They have a box of printed t-shirts already–from their printer (not my company) and before they can even think about new t-shirts, they need to sell the ones they have on hand, they think this program is not going to work for them.

What they don’t realize is, this program works even if you have t-shirts at your place, even if you have t-shirts you are selling online right now. We’re in a weird time where nearly all the businesses we love and support are struggling to provide pay to employees, rent, and loan payments. As printers having our entire industry shut down in a matter of days, we feel this pain, and the truth is we need this just as much as any of these people, if not more.

To prove I’m got nothing but support for my small business folks, I’m sharing this program so other shops can do it too. The response Tiny Little Monster has had from this is amazing. To us printers its a simple one color print on a t-shirt.

Take yourself out of that role and into the role of a person who has a job, is being paid, and is seeing their some of their friends and favorite places struggle this week.

When you think about the value we are offering– $20 supports 2 local businesses,  ours + the one of their choice, and also gets much needed cash out to the community weekly. This makes your buyers feel like heroes and connected to that business for life.

The whole world is needing a fundraiser right now, and with all our normal t-shirt projects on hold, our industry needs this too.

If your shop can do small orders, and webstores, this is a great way to connect with others, provide some hope and literally be Here For Good.

Does your shop have what it takes to be an official Brand Steward to the Here For Good movement we’re working to create? We hope so, our goal is to do as much good as possible during this uncertain time.

If you use the program please give credit in this way:

#HereForGood_COVID19 Relief Concept is developed by the team at
Tiny Little Monster –
HereForGood Logo Created by Michael Kilfoy, Studio X

Here’s what you are signing up for:

• You connect with your customers – your existing ones that have your trust are best. I’m finding its great to have a mix of local favorites and little guys, cos the little ones are really excited for the exposure.

• Use an upgraded shirt with a ton of stock, we don’t know who we’re going to be able to get tees from, but we chose 3001 CVC cos its in a ton of places, in a ton of colors and has stock. (I’ll get to what if the supply change drops off in a bit)

• The Shirts are all screen printed, dtg is acceptable if you must, no HTV – and include a branded tag print with Here For Good Brand and Logo Credit to Studio X if you use our logo (okay to modify to sleeve, or back)

• You will pay out weekly – we’re using paypal and venmo – This does not mean Gift Cards.

• You are there to help them out now, when they really need, not there to steal them from another shop.

• You are responsible for paying taxes and fees, however charge for those fees.

• You are responsible for shipping all the orders or offering a pick up option when its safe – the shipping should be charged to the customer

• You are responsible for marketing the heck out of this thing to do the best for your community you possibly can

I am here to share this program, follow Tiny on all social to see how we are piling all the businesses we can on our raft while we are still operational. #HereForGoodSTL

Here are some wins I’d love to share with you so far –

• We’ve Sold Over $50,000 in t-shirts with this program

• We’ve raised $27,000 for local business from the community who wants to support them

• I’m helping my friends with print shops implement this program or a program I like to refer to as Here For Good Light which is a much easier one for folks who are brokers and want to do this the safe way. #HereForGoodUtah is an example of Here For Good Light.

• I’ve reconnected with friends, customers, vendors, childhood friends, other business owners, all at a time that is really weird and strange and we are being really open and honest about how we are doing and how this is helping.

Thank you so much for being part of this project. I hope you know how much the #HereForGoodSTL means to me personally, on Tuesday my shop did $7.50 in sales,  Our payroll is $40,000 a month. This project is helping us through the next month, we’re not sure how this is going to go, but we’re taking it day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, just like you.


creator of #HereForGoodSTL