Meet Tiny

Tiny Little Monster a ferociously independent, custom print shop, located in Shrewsbury, MO, just minutes outside St. Louis. Our dedicated and awesome staff is what makes us great! Tiny is comprised of artists, craftsmen, designers, and people who love bringing folks together through the power of the printed tee. Take a moment and get to know the folks who help bring your custom orders to life.

How We Got Our Name

The number one question we get asked is “Where did the name come from”. Short answer, Jenny bought the domain name back when she was making monster themed artwork and mini-comics that she would sell on etsy, she used the domain name as a portfolio site and kept it around for her artwork. When the idea for a t-shirt business came up, she said, let’s name it tiny little monster.

Jenny herself is pretty tiny, but she is not particularly monstrous.

*Pro tip* There is just one monster, his name is Tiny. He is either green or yellow based on his mood, yellow is happy, green is ridiculously happy.

The Mission Behind Tiny

Make Custom Apparel Ordering a Fun and Positive Experience

Our Whys of being in the Biz

Do Something We Like

Keep it Casual and Creative

Be Personable

Get Involved in the Community

Create a Work Environment that Employees Artists and Creatives

Business Highlights

Helping Non-Profits Raise Awareness + Money through our webstores

Getting Small Businesses Noticed

Being in the Know on All Kinds of Local Events and Happenings

Creating Jobs and Opportunities for people who love to Create