Did you know that Hanes is offering a cash rebate to the school of your choice when you purchase any Hanes, Champion, Alternative Apparel, or Comfort Wash brand items? You pick the school, and Hanes will donate a portion of each product sold: up to $5,000 in a calendar year! This is a great opportunity to give back to the school you love, and it doesn’t even have to be an order for school apparel. Any order of custom-printed apparel on one of these brands is eligible.

We just thought you’d want to know. Check out the Hanes4Education website for more information.

We’re well into August at this point, and that means school spiritwear, St. Louis! With our new online webstore service, we can create a spiritwear store for your school, and you can sit back and watch the orders for custom apparel roll in. The process is super simple. We’ll work with you to come up with designs that you love, and then we can explore our massive catalog of apparel to pick the best products for your students, faculty, staff, and parents.

Our online webstores run for 2 weeks, and during this time all you have to do is share the webstore link far and wide. Anyone with the link can visit the store and see images of all the different apparel you’re selling. When customers purchase shirts, they can choose to either have the product shipped directly to them or pick them up from a predetermined location, like the school front office. When the entire order is printed, each customer’s purchase is bagged and labelled individually. Yes, that’s right, no box of 200 loose t-shirts for you to sort through, bag, and label.

We know, we know. You can stop crying. Here’s a tissue. Wow, another hug? Ok. There, there.

(Seriously, though, we had no idea how much people dreaded the custom apparel sorting process until we told a customer that we would do that part for her, and she was stricken speechless before our very eyes.)

What Should Your Store Sell?

Some of our favorite spiritwear webstores have a mix of different types of products. T-shirts and shorts are a necessity, as many schools require their students to wear school-branded clothing for gym and extracurricular activities. You don’t have to stop there, though! What about some embroidered track jackets in your school’s colors? Hooded sweatshirts are great for those late-fall football games when the weather starts getting colder.

We can even sell accessories like duffel bags, coffee mugs, lanyards, and other promotional products in your online store. Note: while the minimum order quantity for apparel is only 24 pieces, some promotional products may have higher minimums. For example, coffee mug orders usually start at 50 pieces, so if your webstore sells fewer than that you will just have to order the remainder to meet that 50 piece minimum. The great thing about promotional products, though, is that they never go out of fashion, so any extra items can be sold throughout the school year.

Tiny Little Monster webstores are the easiest solution to the complicated world of spiritwear. Sure, you could endure the hassle of creating order forms, sending them home with students, and hassling parents for completed forms and up-front cash payments. Why do that, though, when our online stores do all the work for you?

You can price the items at whatever cost you’d like, too. Trying to raise a little money from your spiritwear store to fund crucial extracurricular activities at your store? That’s fine, you can add $5-$10 to the production cost of your items. Then, every sale is putting money in your school’s pocket. If you don’t need to raise money through spiritwear sales, we can suggest a sale price to you that will cover the cost of production only, which makes the items in your spiritwear store more affordable.

Custom apparel is really the easiest way to generate school spirit and make your students, teachers, and parents feel like active participants in the success of the entire school. We want to help you flood the bleachers with your school colors, and we’ve got the latest apparel, the raddest design trends, and the simplest ecommerce solutions to help you out.

Contact us today to inquire about a spiritwear webstore for your school. Let’s make some cool tees. (Oh, and let’s get Hanes stuff so we can get your school a cash rebate. Yeah?)