Live Printing

We’ve rolled out a brand new service for our awesome customers: live, on-site screen printing! Let Tiny Little Monster print t-shirts on site at your next event. Live printing is perfect for wedding receptions, fundraising events, farmers’ markets, family reunions, block parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, and more!

T-shirts are perfect event keepsakes because they last for years, they’re wearable memorabilia, and t-shirts come in so many different styles, materials, and colors that printed shirts can be easily customized for a wide variety of occasions. Instead of bulk ordering shirts for your next event, let us set up a 4-station print press and create 100% unique, customizable apparel for your attendees!

Tons of Perks

“Live screen printing at my event? I’ve never heard of such a thing! Why is this the latest and greatest in event entertainment?” Oh boy, we are SO glad you asked. Check out these awesome benefits of live printing that we’ve heard from our own customers:

• Get a behind-the-scenes look at the t-shirt printing industry

• Choose up to 4 one-color designs for your event, or offer 2- and 3-color designs for a more visually interesting look

• Guests can customize their combo by choosing their shirt color and printed design

• Avoid the dreaded leftover t-shirts nobody wants or needs

• Competitive pricing with multiple options to fit a variety of budget sizes

• A unique event amenity that guests will remember (and not just because of the t-shirt)

For more information, contact Tiny Little Monster via email at, or send us a Facebook message. Provide us with a brief description of your event and some details about your budget, and we’ll help you choose the perfect options for your live print experience!

Check it Out!

Here’s an awesome video that shows our live printing service in action. Contact us today to schedule Tiny Little Monster for on-site screen printing at your next event!

Previous Tiny Little Monster Live Print Events

We love on-site screen printing because it gives us the chance to participate in some truly awesome events. Check out some of the local events we’ve attended, and consider having Tiny Little Monster on-site at your next party, gathering, gala, or festival!


• RFT Food Truck Friday

• Square Corporate Offices

• Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs

• Bikeworks Cranksgiving Event 2015-2017

• 2017 Whiskey in Winter at The Hyatt Downtown

• Let Them Eat Art and A Taste of Maplewood

• Oh So Vivant! Launch Party

• Forest School Congress of the Midwest – Raintree School

• Food Outreach Annual Gala