Who doesn’t like to save money whenever possible? The thrill of a great sale, the incredible score at a thrift store that gives you a high for days, the extra jingle in your pockets that means you just saved some bucks. It’s irresistible, isn’t it?

We get it, and that’s why we’ve got some great tips for saving money on your t-shirt order from Tiny Little Monster.

1. Order white or basic colored t-shirts

Simply put, white and basic t-shirts are cheaper for Tiny to buy, so they are cheaper for you! Of course, spending a little more on the shirt can make for a softer more stylish tee. Some great budget friendly soft tees are made by Port + Company, Tultex and Anvil.

2. Fewer Colors = Less Cost

Every ink color requires its own screen to print from, resulting in more $ for each color you choose. Confused about how many colors you really need, just contact us and we’ll help you out.

3. Front or Back only print

When you print on both the front and back of a shirt, it requires more time and maybe even more screens – thus adding to the cost.

4. More for your Money

Like the old Shop’n’ Save jingle says, the more you shop, the more you save. The same goes for screen printing. You’ll always pay more to print smaller quantities. Order larger quantities and you’ll see your cost per t-shirt go down dramatically. Our price breaks on large quantity orders can really save you big time.

Example 12 shirts cost $11.60 each, while 500 shirts cost just $5.75 per shirt. You are welcome to check out our all inclusive pricing.

5. Order in advance

No one likes to rush, including us! Give us 2 weeks to print your shirts and you’ll avoid those pesky rush charges. How much is the rush charge? We’ve got a chart for that!

6. Provide print-ready artwork, give us great direction, or be open to free design

We offer affordable design rates on all of our custom t-shirt orders, but that doesn’t mean we have to do your design for you. If you are providing the design, an Adobe Illustrator vector file would be great. Confused? We like files that end in .ai, .eps,. and SOMETIMES .pdf (if the file is editable).

If your design is complex or you have a lot of changes, it’s going to get more expensive for us to design. So remember, if you’re on a budget, be specific about what you are looking for so we get it right the first time.

7. Support Local Business

Generally speaking our national competitors charge more than we do for the same high quality printing services. How much more? Well, it all depends on your order, but in general our prices are typically 10% – 25% lower than the big custom t-shirt screen printing players you’re finding online.

Remember, our employees are all part of Team Tiny, we work in climate controlled facility where the quality, not numbers, is our top concern.

In the end we get to do what we love and you get a great price, it really doesn’t get better than that.