Have you heard the news? Tiny Little Monster has moved (everything) to a brand new space in Shrewsbury! The new building is located at 7220 Murdoch Avenue, and it’s home to our storefront, our customer service team, the design peeps, and all of our printing and production equipment. This is the first time since 2014 that every part of Tiny Little Monster has been housed in one building, and we are loving it!


You might remember back in 2014 when we executed Phase 2 of Operation: Grow Tiny And Make It More Awesome. Well now we are starting Phase… 3? Or maybe this is Phase 4. There’s been lots of growth and lots of awesome, and the new location is another step on that exciting journey.

Why The Move?

When we first emerged from the bosses’ basement and opened our Maplewood storefront in August of 2013, everything was packed into a tiny storefront, and we were printing like a bunch of sardine monsters. Within a year, Sloan and Jenny realized that a production space was necessary, and we opened up the warehouse on St. Elmo in Maplewood. The storefront on Manchester Road served as our customer service and DTG printing hub, and all screen printing work was completed at the new production space.


You might not know this, but ample space is kind of a necessity in the screen printing world. When printers and designers and screen reclaimers are working in close proximity, ink has a tendency to wander from a squeegee to the seat of someone’s pants. We’d also been wanting to add an automatic printing press for some time, as this would dramatically increase our output and allow us to accept larger print jobs — but the St. Elmo space just didn’t have the room for a camper-sized mechanical octopus.


To solve this, we packed up the entire print studio, Beverly Hillbillies style, and headed over to the brand new production space we purchased in Shrewsbury. For all of 2018, the print and design teams worked from this new location while the customer service and DTG teams kept operating out of our Maplewood store front.

A House Divided

As it turns out, it’s kinda tough to run a business out of two separate locations, especially when those two locations are separated by more than a few street blocks. As much as we LOVE Maplewood and all of its Mapleweirdness, it quickly became clear that things would run more smoothly if we moved all of our tiny little departments under one not-so-tiny roof.


In January of this year, everyone pitched in together to transform our Shrewsbury warehouse into a multi-functional space. Stained concrete floors, reclaimed wood walls, giant painted murals, and a couple of top-to-bottom bathroom rehabs later, and the Shrewsbury location was ready to become Tiny Central!

If you haven’t been by to check out the new location, you’ve got to add us to your list. See, it’s because of you, our awesome customers, that we’ve been able to grow and expand so rapidly in the past five years. This new building is as much yours as it is ours, and we’re so anxious for you to see it.


We’re now located at 7220 Murdoch Avenue, and getting here is easy! From Maplewood, take Ellendale south to Lansdowne. Turn right on Lansdowne and then left onto beautiful River Des Peres. Your first right is Nottingham (it looks like the entrance to an apartment complex). Follow Nottingham up the hill and turn right, and you’ll see us!


You can also take Chippewa toward Shrewsbury and turn right onto Weil Avenue. Take Weil all the way up and turn right onto Jacobs Coal Road (if you cross the railroad tracks, you’ve gone too far). We are right off Jacobs Coal Road on the right.

Thanks, St. Louis, for making us your choice for custom printed apparel, novelty t-shirts, branded business wear, promotional products, and more. We hope you’ll come visit our new space soon!