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Our Not-So-Tiny New Addition! DTG T-Shirt Printing

It’s been a whirlwind of activity here at Tiny Little Monster, and we’re just about busting the seams of our custom printed T-shirts with excitement. Tiny Little Monster is growing and we’ve added some new faces to our team. We’re pretty stoked with this growth, because it means we’re able to offer faster, better service to our favorite people on the planet: our customers.

If you made it out to the Strange Folk Festival in O’Fallon, IL, you might have stumbled across the Tiny Little Monster booth. We absolutely loved participating in an event that was jam-packed with so many talented artists, and we loved connecting with our customers, too, and showing them some of our favorite T-shirt designs!

All of this is definitely worthy of some stitch-busting, but there’s another bit of news that we’ve been aching to share: Tiny Little Monster has a brand new, not-so-tiny addition to our store!

No, it’s not a wrinkled, scaly, three-eyed monster baby. (Though, how awesome would that be?)

It’s Our Super-Duper DTG Printing Machine!

What, no cheers? No cigars? Not even a baby balloon? Well, that’s just because you don’t yet know how incredibly amazing and efficient this direct-to-garment printing machine truly is. Never fear, though, cause we’re going to enlighten you!

Tiny Little Monster uses a traditional screen printing process for the majority of our jobs. We love traditional screen printing because it lets us get up close and personal with our clients’ t-shirt designs. Screen printing is incredibly cost-effective, and we pass on those cost savings to our customers. For clients who need bulk quantities of cheap, printed t-shirts, screen printing is the way to go.

Here’s the problem: screen printing takes time when it’s done right. So, when we have clients with rush jobs, it hurts our hearts a little to tell them that the job turnaround time is about 2 weeks. We see their sad, crumpled little faces, and it makes the tiny little monster in all of us scream, “There has to be something we can do!”

Now, there is.

What Does Our DTG Printer Do?

Our DTG machine, a brand-new Epson SureColor F2000, is our friendly, neighborhood superhero. Also, how cool is that name? The F2000. It even sounds tough and techno-serious. With direct to garment printing, we can have jobs completed in as little as 3 to 5 business days! Our customers can also create custom shirts in smaller quantities. So, if you just need a handful of t-shirts designed for your bachelorette party or your office birthday bash, we can help create a stellar design, walk you through the process from start to finish, and get you on your way with colorful, vibrant t-shirts that are going to amaze and astound.

In fact, our DTG machine even lets us handle one-off T-shirt orders, which means you can walk in with an idea for a T-shirt and let us deliver a one-of-a-kind tee that your friends will envy. When we use the word custom to describe our printing style, we mean it. (We think, though, that when you see how awesome these shirts look, you’ll want more than one.)

Of course, every superhero has his Kryptonite, and our Not-So-Tiny little F2000 isn’t exempt. There are limitations on fabric choices because polyester and poly-blends give the Epson indigestion. The process is also a bit more expensive when compared with traditional screen printing.

“Oh no,” you say. “How can I choose? What printing technique is right for me? I’ve been holding out for a hero, but which hero do I need?”

Don’t worry, good citizens! You don’t have to choose. See, we’re not giving up on traditional screen printing techniques. Instead, our DTG printer has partnered with our traditional screen printing process to form a DYNAMIC DUO! It’s the best of both worlds. It’s Batman and Robin. It’s cake and ice cream.

What does this mean for your custom T-shirt order?

Our customers don’t have to worry about figuring out which method is best for their needs. We’ll work with you to discuss the job, the time constraints, the costs, and the options. Then, we’ll tell you exactly what method is best for your individual job. That’s how we help our customers save money and time.

Now, we don’t want to get all “braggy,” but it seems like new parents get at least a couple of free bragging passes when they have a new child, so we’ll indulge ourselves. There aren’t many t-shirt printing businesses that have DTG technology at their fingertips. It’s an investment, and the device requires expert training, high quality inks and materials, and careful attention to detail. Our Epson SureColor F2000 makes us a bit of an anomaly, and we’re super proud of that.

Can you tell?

When you need high quality T-shirt printing that is affordable, fast, and reliable, Tiny Little Monster is there leaping tall buildings in a single bound, whipping up designs faster than a speeding bullet, and performing all of that other superhero awesomeness. Visit us and let us help you with your next T-shirt printing project.

And please, don’t judge us if we show you a photo album of our F2000’s first steps. Or first print job. Or first ink refilling session.

We’re just such proud parents over here.