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Professional Design

Have an idea for a custom design, but need help executing it? Our art department can take your concepts and bring them to life! Custom designs start at just $40 and are inclusive of design time and revision(s) and range from creating a design from scratch or collaborating based on your original concept. See our rate guide below and start designing today with help from your friends at Tiny Little Monster.
a logo with rainbow circles

Tiny Time

$40 per design

For straight-forward or more simple requests. Includes a design with 1-5 elements based on your preexisting concept/idea.

  • Design Time: 1 hour
  • Design is based on your concept
  • Revisions to design: 1
TLM Synthwave

Monster Help

$100 per design

For more complex requests. Designs are more detailed & may include more elements. Designs that utilize Monster Help often tell a story.

  • Design Time: 3 hours
  • Design is custom created
  • Revisions to design: 2

Rush Order Printing

Need your apparel order made even faster? We make it happen!