Rush Order T-Shirts 


Our standard turnaround time for screen printed T-shirts is two weeks from start to finsh. This gives us plenty of time to order the apparel for your printing job, prepare the screens, stock up on the inks you need, and carefully complete your order to perfection.


DTG Turnaround – 3-5 Business Days

Screen Printing Turnaround – 7-10 Business Days

Embroidery Turnaround – 7- 10 Business Days

Custom Koozies – 5 Business Days

Custom Fundraiser Web Stores – 5 Weeks from start to finish

Now, with that said, we know some of our customers are going to have moments of abject panic when they realize they need T-shirts for an event that is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! (We’re looking at you, Best Man who forgot to plan a bachelor party until the week before!)

Take a breath, friends, because this is Tiny Little Monster you’re dealing with.

We’re an indie business, which means we’re flexible. In most cases, we can work with you to get your last-minute printing job finished in time for your big event.

With our new DTG (Direct to Garment) Printer, we can shorten the turnaround time for your project. This is a perfect choice for smaller orders, but we’ve been known to tackle bigger orders with the DTG if need be. You can view our pricing for DTG printing here.

For screen-printing jobs, we do charge a rush order fee if customers need their shirts sooner than 14 days from artwork approval. The rush fee covers our additional shipping expense for speedy apparel shipping as well as the extra hours required to get your project fully printed. (We’ve been known to work into the wee hours of the morning for our awesome customers!)


Our rush pricing is really simple: just count the number of business days between now and your pickup date, and add the rush upgrade cost to your per piece price! For example, if you need shirts in a week (5 business days), your price per shirt would increase by just $1.

Please Note: Rush Rates are in business days and do not include Shipping Times to your destination.


*Note: We can only complete 1-Day rush orders using the DTG-24 Hour Turnaround option in our Online Design Studio. When designing a shirt on our website, change your product to one in the 24 Hour Category, and we’ll have your order ready next business day.

Now, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to accept every single rush order we get. It all depends on our current workload, printing schedule, and other factors. We can promise you this: we’ll do our best to get you the printed products you need, when you need them.

Even if we have to rush to do it!